Our Clowns

“Old Spice” – Malcolm Rice

A retired engineer, Malcolm spends his time on Chebeague involved in many community events and organizations.  You can see him putting out fires, singing in the church choir or having coffee at Ed’s with the guys.  Malcolm’s off-Broadway credits include South Pacific, Oklahoma, and 42nd Street.  His dream is to grow the College so participants young and old can experience the joy of clowning around!

“Twinkle”- Rochelle Rice

A former professional dancer, Rochelle lives in New York City and spends every 4th of July on Chebeague.  Rochelle joined the College in 1995 and continues to delight in this yearly event with her father, Old Spice.  In 2006, she added the beautiful rhinestone studded tiara which instantly became the inspiration for her given clown name.  Sure beats “Wing Nut.”

“Scooter Pie”- Ricki McDonald

A graphic designer, Ricki is the proud creator of the Clown Limousine sign that adorns our truck.  Ricki is an accomplished artist in multiple mediums.  She joined the College in 2000 and recently added her new scooter to our 2006 Parade.  She can be seen on the golf course or serving up lobster and drinks at the Chebeague Island Inn.  Go Scooter!

“Floridian Frank” – Warren Bogle

A resident of Florida and a high school teacher, Warren joined the College in 2001 after speaking with Old Spice at a golf event.  Our tallest clown to date, Warren is the proud recipient of a new knee!  The new knee allowed him to participate more fully this year without the pain of past years.  Warren can be seen on the golf course – look for the tall guy!

“Bubbles” – Sally Layng Crapser

A resident of Granby, Connecticut, Sally doesn’t advertise to many friends her side job with the College.  She joined the College in 2002 after her brother-in-law, Floridian Frank, wildly exclaimed his enthusiasm for the event.  Sally has professed the skill of clown make-up.  Her family has been coming to Chebeague for generations.  Sally can be seen on the golf course or working on an art project.

“Bumble”  – Mary Holt

Mary joined the College in 2006.  Adorned in her bumblebee costume, Mary opted to not do the traditional clown make-up (see photo).  Probably saved her skin and hair from multiple washings!  Mary is the wife of John and owner of a huge dog.  Welcome Bumble!  Proud to have you!

“Willie Wiffit” – Jean Knowlton

Willie’s alter ego is Jean Knowlton.  Her folks have had a place on Chebeague since 1962. Jean was introduced to the island by the Houghtons since her brother married Patricia! Never having done any clowning around, she just “joined in on the fun” one 4th of July (2004), and has been hooked since!!  Jean enjoys being hidden behind Willie’s face.   She spends her time golfing and painting. She and her husband lived in Arkansas for 28 years before retiring to Rotonda, Florida.

“Flounder” – Jonathon Komlosey

Jon joined the clown college in 2007.  Our youngest member is a native of Chebeague island.  Jon enjoys a number of hobbies and careers and is thrilled to be part of this wonderful organization!

“Sandy Star” – Sandra Rice, Make-Up, Hair and Costumes

A retired dance teacher, Sandra had no idea the extent of Old Spice’s dream of his Clown College!  An avid time keeper and attention to details person, Sandra has been instrumental in getting the clowns out the door on time for the parade!  You can see Sandra on her moped in her beautiful stars and stripes jacket fixing costumes and getting supplies.  The College is grateful to have Sandra – since day #1.  Luv ya!

“Limo Driver” – Bob Buxbaum

A long history of family on Chebeague, Bob brings a deep sense of pride to his role as official limo driver.  Bob has been clowning around with us since our inception.  He has grown to help us appreciate the fine skills of safety when it comes to clowns jumping in and out of his pickup truck.  Bob can be seen regularly on the golf course with his family and friends – FORE!

“Music Man” – David Lauterbach

A big time television producer from New York City, David had never seen the likes of our quaint College.  He provides the music that announced our presence along the parade route.  So incredibly inspired by our enthusiasm for the clowning arts, David has created this site so the world can experience the joys of our College.  Play it again, Dave!